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Reconnect your Mind, Body and Life

The healing effects of the ancient practice of yoga is being slowly but surely recognized by western scientists. Research today has discovered and confirmed what yogis have known for centuries. Using simple breathing methods and gentle asanas support the para-sympathetic nervous system. In our trauma-sensitive class you will experience relaxation and calm through the practice of breath, simple postures, meditation and gratitude. We find yoga to be one of the most effective ways to encourage and stimulate the healing process. Regardless if you are a trauma-survivor, First Responder or dealing with stress and anxiety in your day-to-day, this class can help bring relief.

This trauma-sensitive class will be offered every first Saturday of the month at the Inverted Elephant Yoga studio at 2pm. Currently it is donation based. Your teachers, Jessie Lange and Bea Phillips are both certified yoga teachers and added specialized training to teach trauma-sensitive yoga to our community. We know that yoga may not be the cure-all but we know it can be a powerful intervention.

Learn to reconnect with your body, manage stress and incorporate the breath and yoga postures into your wellness routine.

When you feel ready and sign up online  You can also drop in on the day off the class without prior notice.