Winter Tonic? That sounds like something soothing, healing and enjoyable and there is no way that juicing could be bringing that wholesome feeling. Plus it’s the holidays, I’ll probably gain just a little gain weight and certainly I’ll get rid of it next year!

We tend to think differently at the Inverted Elephant. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. That certainly holds true in our book of yoga and juicing because we know what happens when you “dream” ahead. 

We would like to introduce the Winter Tonics as your ounce of prevention. Doing a juice cleanse during the holidays is just crazy isn’t it? Why now? The reasons are plenty!

Deflate your intestines between holiday meals, office and Christmas parties and give your digestive system a break. Flood your system with nutrient dense juices designed to clean and detox. Take it one day at a time, alleviate joint pain and stiffness brought on by inflammatory foods and keep your weight in check. 
How does it work?

  1. You pick one, two or three days where you want to replace regular meals with delicious satiating juices. Winter Tonics are made from everything from kiwis to sweet potatoes (not in the same juice!) with added spices and a dash of love.
  2. You tell us which days you want to give your digestion a break and we will make the Winter Tonics to your schedule. Party on Tuesday night? No problem, we’ll make juices Wednesday morning. 
  3. You get 3 x 16 oz freshly made organic juices in a glass mason jar each day. (A $10 cash deposit for the mason jars is required and refunded upon return).
  4. You pick them up in the morning. No mess for you, just drink up when you feel hungry.
Price: $59 per day or $ 169 for three days. Juices are made fresh daily (3 different recipes each day) using fresh organic vegetables.
To order, please call the studio directly as these are special order only. We will offer Winter Tonic juicing for the entire month of December!