Starting September 1-7th – October 7thSimply put: Practice 30 sessions of Yoga in 30 days or pick a commitment and stick to it. Example: 4 classes a week for the month of September.

There will be a Bliss Challenge Board in the hallway where you can write in your name. Every class you take you get a sticker so you can watch your progress. This is a fun way to challenge yourself to improve your yoga postures and increase your Zen.

All classes count! Including our meditation class and even Meowga, Yin etc. Traditionally this used to be a Hot Yoga only Challenge . However everyone can experience yoga bliss through connecting mind and body, cultivating stillness and stretching to new lengths.

Start your personal challenge anywhere between September 1-7th finish no later than October 7th.

No rules, come in and put your name on the board and be there 🙂

See you on the mat!