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Utkatasana – the akward feeling pose where you are to keep your feet parallel to each other and your spine straight, has 3 variations in our hot yoga class. As simple as this posture seems, there are many health benefits associated with this posture.

Besides help improving overall body strength, Utkatasana (Akward Pose) also assists in strengthening the leg muscles, reduces the fat pockets underneath the buttocks, helps align the skeletal system and much more. Do you have sciatica issues? Arthritic issues? or bad digestion? This might just be the posture for you. As you learn to embrace the postures, including the ones you don’t like, you will start to feel the benefit in your body. So next time in Utkatasan, suck that stomach in (to support your lower back), tuck the tailbone under and pull your shoulders back. If you have questions about the posture, see us at the studio and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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