Mark the date: Friday March 24th @7:00p.m. at our studio.
Feeling fatigued, stressed, foggy-brained or just have no energy? Yearning for that afternoon nap around 2 p.m.? Guess what, its not your fault!
We are surrounded by contaminants: dirty air, water that requires chemicals to clean before we can drink it and toxic materials like our clothes and furniture. We are just not aware how toxic our environment is and how it affects our bodies. Our bodies have a tendency to hold on to toxins, and where do you think they get stored? However, what is stored can also be released.

Our 6 Day Detox is alkalizing and cell regenerating allowing your body to release toxins in the fast lane the natural way guiding you back to optimal health. Packed with tasty nutritious recipes, healing green juices and the addition of raw living Spirulina, this detox will help you clear the cobwebs, get focused and energized. A juicer and a blender/mixer is required to prepare the recipes. You will make all your own foods at home. You will be amazed at the results.

Sign up for this informational meeting to learn what you can do to support your bodies natural detoxification process. Click here to RSVP and hold your spot.

The actual Detox will kick of on the following Thursday with produce pickup. The detox starts as a group Friday March 31st – Wednesday April 5th. 2017. It has been designed to span over the weekend during the first couple of days – we will explain this during the info meeting