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Florida Regionals 2012_2013

Yoga USA Asana Championship participants, Florida Regionals 2012_2013

The Florida Regional USAAsana Championship was held in St. Augustine, FL this past weekend, January 06, 2013. The winners were Patricia Franco (Womens), Chris Gardner (Mens) and Katy Short-Hamiwka (Youth).

Congratulations for a job well done! All participants did great, championship not about winning or losing and it was very inspiring to watch each of their routine.

One of our students, Jonathan Brookings, who discovered Bikram Yoga in Titusville and now practices in Orlando participated in the championship. Take a look at his routine, you will recognize many of the postures. If you think you would like to compete in the future, let us know at the studio and we’ll get you started on your postures. Click here to watch Jonathan’s routine.