Special Yoga Events


Saturday, June 15th 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Chronic back pain is exhausting and frustrating, and it can keep you from doing the things you love – or even getting a good night’s sleep. No matter what brought on your back pain, you can learn how to help your body heal and return the body to a more ideal state by releasing the compression of your spine from your neck to your low back with MELT METHOD treatments of the lower body.

$22 individual class

June 15th – Core/Low Back | June 22nd –  Hips/Knees | June 29th – Total Body Review

Single Class $22  [button 



Saturday, 22nd

Do you have stiff, creaky or painful knees? Do you experience chronic hip or buttock pain that sometimes travels down the upper legs or into the low back? Appropriate for all levels, this workshop teaches you 10-minute self-care MELT sequences that you can do at home to treat chronic knee, hip and foot pain from trauma or issues related to (but not limited to) IT band syndrome, hip clicking, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, ligament sprains, patello-femoral conditions, plantar fasciitis or bunions. Using specialized balls of varying densities and soft body rollers, MELT works by rebalancing your nervous system and rehydrating your connective tissue — the fascia that surrounds and invests your nerves, organs, joints and muscles. You will learn techniques not covered in the MELT Method book for working safely on the shins, lower and upper IT band, front of thighs and deep hips, and will gain insight about using MELT to improve sports performance and activities of daily living.

$22 individual class / $80 4 classes

June 8th – Shoulders/Neck | June 15th – Core/Low Back | June 22nd –  Hips/Knees | June 29th – Total Body Review

Single Class $22

About our yoga teacher:

Lisa Timrick, Pediatric licensed occupational therapy assistant, specializes in pediatric massage and Sensory play base therapy. Discovered her passion for of yoga in 2009 which led her to Completing Yoga 4 classrooms professional development K-12 and 18-hour Child Light yoga & mindfulness for children teacher training. Since 2016 she has been sharing pediatric massage and yoga with Children ages 3 – 18. In her spare time, she enjoys her family, cooking, reading, yoga here at the Inverted Elephant and training her dog Wrigley to come and leave it!

Kids Yoga Summer Camp

July 20th & August 3rd 2019  | 12-4pm.


Healthy yummy snacks and beverages will be served!

  • Go on adventures ~ Children will work together to create and act out their own yoga stories through movements
  • Music ~ promotes movement and playfulness ~ Yoga poses to inspire play and creativity
  • Teamwork ~ Build positive social interactions
  • Relaxation~ breath work to help manage stress and promote circulation


Benefits of Yoga for children

  • Encourages motor development of both sides of the body
  • Develop core strength, essential for posture and alignment
  • Improves brain power
  • Relaxes the body. Promotes better sleep patterns


Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a smile

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Yoga in Nature

Every 2nd. & 4th Sunday of the month @9:30 a.m. at the Enchanted Forest

Next Sun. April 14th & 28th

Join us for a Karma-Flow class based on the Bishnu Gosh Lineage of Hatha Yoga practice. This is a 1 hour class held on the enclosed porch at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary located at 444 Columbia Blvd, Titusville, FL 32780. Please be sure to call (321) 264-5185 to reserve your spot. This is a donation class, open to all levels. Beginners are welcome. Please bring your own mat & water.

Meowga – Yin Yoga with Adoptable Cats

July 27th @ 2-3:30 p.m.

Meowga is a 60 Minute yin yoga class designed to help you relax in a purrfect way.  Here you can combine therapeutic yoga with the joyful play of adoptable cats. These kitties visit us from our local SPCA and are looking to cuddle up with you forever. The yin yoga postures are meant to release your fascia, reducing joint aches & pains. Especially in the are of the hips, lower back and pelvis. No prior experience needed and any level of fitness can participate. In this class you can relax, re-energize your mind and cuddle a cat or two. We start on the floor, practice on the floor and finish on the floor. Relaxation in a purrfect way! 

sue fitzman

Reiki Level 2 Certification Class

August 3rd, 2019  – 11:30 a.m. – 5:30p.m.

Reiki is a simple hands-on energy technique used worldwide in hospitals, yoga classes, and private practices.  In this class, you will deepen your knowledge and experience of Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki and it’s powerful high frequencies.  You will learn three of the primary hand symbols and how they are used in healing.  You will receive an attunement / placement that will allow you to become a greater conduit for the  powerful Holy Fire energy.   We will also practice body scanning, full treatment for yourself and others using the symbols, distance healing, and energy increasing meditations.

Bring water and a pen or pencil. There will be a 30 minute late lunch break with vegan/vegetarian sandwiches included. $160/pp

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Sound Bath Meditation with Anthony Profeta

Coming back late summer… stay tuned 🙂

A “Sound Bath Meditation” is all about energy, frequency and vibrations. It is a very therapeutic form of mediation because you’re literally being “bathed” in sound waves. As these sound waves wash over your body, they can move the brain from a beta into an alpha & theta brainwave state. This means that the sound vibrations help shift your brain into a calmer state and allows you the opportunity to experience a deeper meditation which can lead to profound relaxation & healing.

This experience is sure to leave you renewed and rejuvenated. This is one experience you do not want to miss. $20 advance/$25 at door.  Please be sure to reserve your spot as we only have limited availability.

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14 Days of Detox – Do it at Home Program

Why Detox?

Are you currently going through unpleasant bouts of headaches that won’t seem to go away?

Are you playing Russian roulette in your closet every day? Either your jeans fit, or they do not! Every season our bodies need some good lovin’ and detoxing is the best way to do so effectively and safely.

You may have been gaining some weight and you may be feeling sluggish, you may be getting sick more often than usual.

Your body is in overdrive because of all the toxins in your body. It’s time to get rid of them!

Get rid of headaches and enjoy more time to do the things you love. No more belly bloat, time to fit into your favorite jeans, ALL the time. Regain the energyto pursue the things in your life you’ve always dreamt of!

the experimental  kitchen


The Experimental Kitchen is back! Once again we are going to tackle creating delicious foods using the minimalist method of only using a knife, a blender and a cutting board. Amazing the foods you can create in a short amount of time. All gluten-, dairy- and grain free! 

The Experimental Kitchen is hosted by Beatrice Phillips, a certified HIppocrates Health Educator, Beatrice teaches how small steps in the kitchen can lead to big lifestyle changes. In this 90 minute segment we will create four dishes and have plenty of samples to share 🙂