Our Studio, Our Community

We serve our community as beacons of healing, compassion and light. Our mission is to provide pure healing and relaxing yoga, offered by skillful, goodhearted people in a clean and nurturing environment. We are passionate about, and committed to providing a relaxing, non-judgmental environment to everybody.


Beatrice Phillips, Owner

Beatrice started practicing Hot Yoga in 2005  due to chronic lower back problems. She couldn’t even do half the postures and was in a lot of pain during practice. But she also found that she could sleep at night not being kept up by pain! She tried the yoga for 30 days to see what would happen, and never looked back.

At the time, Beatrice a certified Microsoft System Engineer (MCSE, MCT, MCSA, MCP+I), author and trainer, was traveling extensively worldwide and would seek out Hot Yoga (Bikram) studios in every city she visited from Europe to Asia, finding them to be a safe haven. Beatrice decided that one day when she’d grow up, she wanted to offer the same experience and healing yoga to others. Beatrice took the nine week rigorous Bikram Yoga Training in 2010 and was mentored in and taught Bikram Yoga in Frankfurt, Germany and Pune, India. In 2013 she studied the Bishnu Gosh Lineage Hatha Yoga under Tony Sanchez  in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

She is still looking forward to the day when she will touch her forehead to her toes. Beatrice teaches Hot classes and Yin Yoga.

Donna Trantham, Senior Teacher

Donna has a long and distinguished history in physically teaching and practicing many diverse forms of exercise and yoga. In 1984 she began her teaching career with aerobics, step aerobics, and many other popular “gym” classes, including other forms of yoga. She discovered Bikram Yoga in 2000 and knew from her first class that “This is what I had been looking for in my past exercises. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I feel like Bikram Yoga has made me a better person, all around.”

Donna attended the Spring 2001 Teacher Training, and opened the original Bikram Yoga Titusville, in 2002. As with many of us, Donna suffered a lot of pain and discomfort from these other types of exercises and an accident that took a long time to heal. “It felt worse before it got better,” she says, “but one by one, (and in their own time), I feel like I am healing every part of myself that needs it.” Donna specifically teaches hot classes only.

Bridget Griffin, Yoga & Barre Teacher

Bridget started instructing fitness classes over 25 years ago to offset the demands of her engineering profession with the balance provided by a lifestyle of health and wellness. She currently specializes in barre, yoga, Pilates, and interval training. Classes include variations for every individual, including those that have limited range of motion or restrictions. Challenge yourself. Set your sights for the stars. Find the magic in creating a new you. Remember: “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing.” Helen Keller Join me at the barre and on the mat – Namaste!

Claudia Cox, Teacher

She is an internationally recognized Brazilian athlete and experienced Yoga, Pilates, and Foam Rolling Instructor. She is known for her passion, unique approach, and inspirational instructing style that embody physical, spiritual, and mental strength. Since she started teaching in 2010, many students have improved from her experience, dedication, and knowledge of body mechanics. Now it’s your turn.

Diana Boyette, Teacher-in-Training

I began doing Bikram’s Beginning Yoga in December of 2012 when I was about to turn 50 at a friend’s recommendation that I should try it!  I opted for an unlimited month and have been coming ever since.  I have been an athlete my entire life running track and cheerleading in high school and college.  Late in college I got into competitive body building that I continued to do when I graduated and came to Florida in 1985.  I also swam recreationally all my life and added a more regular swimming routine when I came to Florida.   All this is to say that I have always worked out, but never been very flexible.  As I aged I seemed to have more things “ache” on a regular basis!

I have found that as my yoga practice progressed my flexibility is better than it has ever been.  Stretching was not emphasized when I was young and therefore I never practiced it!  I believe the flexibility and increased core strength that doing yoga has given me has decreased the “aches and pains” in my joints and will help well into old age.  Additionally, it has helped me stay in better shape for swimming.

Part of the reason I stayed physically active my whole life is because I was born with Asthma and the associated allergies that generally accompany it.  I found that a regular Yoga practice helps keep my asthma under control; I use my inhalers far less now that I have been doing yoga.

I have been a Mathematics instructor for over 20 years as a vocation.  As an avocation, I have coached swimming, and taught swimming and life guarding.  It will be enjoyable to learn to teach the hot yoga and I believe it will also enhance my own practice.  I thoroughly enjoy learning new things and look forward to this new teaching challenge!

Luis Delgado, Teacher-in-Training

I am 58 years old and started practicing Bikram Yoga in Sep 2011.

I always liked heavy exercise with lots of sweating.  I also like saunas and steam rooms.

I have always been a “sports” guy, playing baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. and have tried just about every form of exercise out there.  I’ve done free weights, gym machines, bicycles, jogging, aerobic classes, Zumba and regular, yoga classes (in cold rooms) at the YMCA.  But, I also struggled with low back pain, to the point of frequent chiropractic treatments and missing days of work because I could barely move with my back problems.  I’ve had several traumatic injuries to my right knee, including an ACL Reconstruction with Patellar Tendon Graft in 1995.  So, any poses that require my knees to bend or carry all of my body weight are very sketchy for me.

So, when we had a chance to try hot yoga and I read Bikram’s book, where he promised me…paraphrasing:  “you do my yoga for 60 days in a row and it will change your life”.  So I took him up on the offer and have never looked back.

Once I started hot yoga, I quickly realized… THIS IS IT!  This is the answer for my physical fitness needs and a lot more.  No, my back is not perfect.  Far from it.  I have bad days when my back really hurts, but I can now manage my back pain much better.  I do not take any pain medication.  Only MSM powder occasionally to relieve muscle soreness.

My wife Beth and I attended an Open House and started a week later.  We are both have a regular practice and we love it.  I can see the changes in both her and my body.  Yoga changes you, from the inside out.

Every day is different.  But I’m encouraged by the continuous improvement I see in almost every one of my poses.  Every week I notice I can stretch a bit further or can better express a particular pose.  That is very unusual for most athletic activities, especially are we get older.  Yoga rolls back the aging process.

I practice Hot Yoga 4, sometimes 5 times week.  On the days off, I still stretch at home to continue opening my hips and lower back.  I still peruse Bikram’s book every once in a while because there are many small details about each pose that, at first and for a while, you may not understand or visualize.  You just have to accept where your body is today, is in that particular pose.  If you keep coming back to yoga, it continues to tune up and repair your body.

I am so grateful, I found this yoga.  I am always trying to convince my family, friends or even strangers I meet, to come practice yoga.  There is no better exercise, period.  Strength, Balance, Flexibility & Cardiovascular fitness are all addressed and improved by this yoga.