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Stress Relief during Dorian

Looking for stress relief with Hurricane Dorian bearing down on us? Check out the video. Unfortunately we have to close the studio down for a couple of days due to the weather and want you to stay safe. For the time being I wanted to share a breathing technique called Alternate Nostril breathing – Nadi Shodhana. It is a simple technique that can be performed by anyone at any time and helps lower stress in the body, hence stress relief. It also helps clear the cobwebs and makes you feel good at the same time!

How to do alternate nostril breathing for stress relief:

This particular breathing technique can calm your nerves or give you energy – depending on how you regulate your breath. In our case we are looking to calm the body and soothe our nerves, so we want to make sure that our exhales are always longer than the inhales!

  1. Start out with the right thumb closing the right nostril, and take a deep inhale through the left nostril. Count to 4 or 5, whatever feels natural to you.
  2. Close the left nostril with your ring and pinkie fingers, suspend the breath for a second or two, and then exhale out of the right nostril counting to 6 or 7 (a number longer than your inhale). Then inhale again through the right nostril to a count of 4 or 5.
  3. Close the right nostril, suspend your breath, open the left nostril and exhale through the left nostril (longer count then the inhale). Then, inhale again through the left nostril for a count of 4 or 5.
  4. Close the left nostril, suspend your breath, open the right nostril and exhale long then the inhale.

I think you may be getting the hang of this now. The goal is to first exhale through the nostril, then inhale again. Then switch to the other nostril, exhale and then inhale and so on. In the beginning you may only do one minute. That is perfectly ok. As you practice this, you can increase the time spent nostril breathing to 5, 10 or even 15 minutes. Pranayama (breathing) is a great daily practice.

Use this technique anytime

In our case, we are looking for stress relief. You can use this breathing technique anytime, before a stressful situation like an exam or job interview or when you have a hard time falling asleep at night. Over time, you will naturally be able to increase the counts for your inhale, the count how long you suspend your breath and the counts for the exhale. So your inhale could be 8 counts, suspend 6 counts and exhale 12 counts. Try this during the hurricane to help calm the nerves and let me know if it helped you relief stress 🙂

Stay Safe, Namaste

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Relief Stress w Nadi Shodhana